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8 free songs! All made by young people in the Ithaca music community.

first 6 songs recorded by Etienne Grenier


released October 12, 2014




73RECORDS Ithaca, New York

We are a collective dedicated to the production and distribution of youth music, art and literature.

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Track Name: Pobaribanon - O Pillow
Don’t need sleep I refuse to sleep
I’ll stay up all night till the goddamn daylight
I don’t sleep, cause sleep’s for the weak
sleep’ll eat me if I dont beat it, see

I can’t go to sleep cause I’ll never wake up
been awake so long I donno how to stop
open eyes till I die, fried mind is how I
wanna be cause sleep’s an impossibility


O, pillow, let me be can’t you see my spine is twine from atrophy
I’ll break my neck every time you try to hold me, love me, let me be! I can’t sleep.

Espresso in my coffee but I still can’t really talk, see
I’ma morning person, hate the night but till lunch I still can’t walk right
my body should be fine but I’m aching all the time
I like the waking world but already feel so old

If I slept through the night I’d be alright
morning calories, efficient activity
breakfast is my favorite meal
but I don’t run on ATP I walk off how I feel

Track Name: King Sized Pegasus - Get Off the Grid
Get off the grid!
Save yourself!

Monsanto is coming for you
When they've got your food
What're you gonna do?

The Krohny kohks brothers
Are buying up our breath
A couple sick fucks making millions off of death

The government ain't no better
They feed the bouchoizee
With their police protection
And their economic policy!

Get off the grid!
Save yourself!
Track Name: King Sized Pegasus - Fork Lift Lawn Barrel
The way we think doesn't
Suit me

We move through life so fast
No harmony
Track Name: Pobaribanon - I Hate ATMs
Today is full of power if you look
You can feel that power but only if you look
My life's got meaning my life's got feeling
Get existing and start just being

Being cool and being cruel
Being crude and being a fool
Tomatoes taste like honey if you try
The water tastes like soda and is pretty like dye
Track Name: Etienne Grenier - Its Not
I'll take this flower
For keeps sake
I'll keep on living
Only for my mother

Because whats the point of this song?
Whats the point of anything?

I'm not sure, if you knew just let me know
Maybe I can mentally grow
And get out of this bear trap
Track Name: Owen Lennon - Blue Moon
Theres a word I like to use
For the place that I step into
Like a window into space
This door that I can walk through
Everyone is sitting in their graves
But I have yet to go and dig one
Someday I'll drown in the rain
But tonight we salute the sun

I am in my room
I'm looking out the window at the blue moon
Oh, the night sky fills my head
I dream of cities painted violet
I am looking at the face
Smiling at the world
I crack one too, ooh, aah

People from the outside saw something in the woods
The park service called the cops and shut down all the roads
Everybody watched from the top of the hill
They said that there was nothing wrong, but they couldn't keep us still
All the people gathered and jumped over the fence
Nothing could prepare them for what happened next

Oh, I've managed to not know why they are from my eye
The fountain of youth has been above us all this time
Oh, theres nothing wring with me, now I see
I've served my time, now I'm free